Culver Hotel Lobby

For rallies at this landmark, head inside the dining room of the hotel — where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served.  (9400 Culver Blvd, 90232)


The Culver Hotel (photographs courtesy of Hotel management)

The history in this old hotel is strange and worth a second look. See the hotel’s history page.

At night, the hotel can be a bit intimidating. There are rumors of ghosts. (From the hotel’s history page)


Group photography challenge for this landmark:

  • Take a group picture — that somehow alludes to the Wizard of Oz!  All people in your rally must be visible in some way. The challenge is to *clearly* re-create a scene from the Wizard of Oz, since that movie was filmed using the hotel as a staging ground. For example, you might have everyone impersonate flying monkeys, inside the hotel lobby. Or perhaps have everyone pair off and act like LIONS and TIN MEN without a heart.

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