Thank you, IndieCade!

IndieCade--SealCheck out the top scores (congrats to Madeline!).

Here are our favorite pics from IndieCade — thank you players! Share the love: re-post, and keep performing the Culver City story. Also, every landmark on this site has the group pictures posted automatically in the comments — check them out. And we’d love any email feedback you care to send.


Featured Pictures:

We’re photographed in the Verge’s story about IndieCade — “the most important video game conference you don’t know about” — here’s the pic:


Our video, showcasing the stories and fun of our IndieCade experience:

(This video of our launch is thanks to Karl Baumann.)

In front of Culver Studios, a re-enactment of a civil war battle (featuring IndieCade attendees!)


Calling in from the Main Street payphone — one of the few still working in Culver City (the clue only came if the payphone made the call):


The mayor of Culver City (Meghan Sahli-Wells!) visits our payphone:


…see also her retweet with one of our “vote” posters!

A historian from the local Historical Society (Julie Cerra) introduces a challenge:


In front of the Culver Hotel, a Wizard of Oz moment (there’s a documentary about the munchkin takeover of the hotel during the movie’s original filming):


Some of our posters for game recruiting:


Bringing our rebuilt payphone Sankofa Red to the festival on wheels: