Ivy Substation


Players make live signpost to LA landmarks


The Ivy Substation, once an essential component of the Pacific Railway system, stood at the crossroads of several vital transportation lines linking Culver City to many regional landmarks. Sankofa Says invites players to reminisce about this connected past by pointing to major regional destinations and landmarks.

Group photograph: All people in your rally must be visible in some way. The challenge is to *clearly* have your people form a living signpost, each pointing to one of the LA region’s landmarks, since Culver City is so well connected to all parts of the LA metro area. For example, you might have people pointing to Venice Beach and Downtown LA, since these landmarks were connected by the “Balloon Line” running through Culver City.

To submit your picture, one of you must text it to 310.626.4044. Make sure to include the name of the person who started your group rally. BONUS if you include a caption and team name. We will then post your picture and caption online.



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